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Our handy checklists will help you prepare for your move so you are ready to go.


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Some general tips when preparing for a move:

  • Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful times in ones life, so it is with good reason that you are strongly advised to make use of a professional moving company with a proven track record.

  • Select a company that belongs to accredited moving associations, such as SAIMA, AMOSA the RFA and one that is in good standing with the national transport industry regulator. The National bargaining Council for the Road Freight Industry – NBCRFI – It is requirement for all transport companies to be registered with the NBCRFI.

  • Notify a Joel Transport consultant if you add or subtract items from your shipment, or if there is any change in the date of the move or the destination

  • In South Africa, most lease and rental agreements start on the 1st of each month and end of the month this creates a high demand for removal services from the 25th till the 5th of each month – Be aware of this high demand period and book your removal dates timeously.

  • Call for quotations at least 3 weeks before your removal date -this will give you sufficient time to select a reliable removals contractor and to book your removal dates. There are 3 simple ways to obtain a quotation * By virtual survey * By e mail list * By face to face survey —— your removal company will need to know what items of furniture you need to move, they will want to know what items require packing and they will need to assess the access at origin and destination addresses.

  • Book your removal dates at least 2 weeks before your removal date — do this in writing ! accept the quotation and get written confirmation that your removal team has been booked.

  • Moving home is a high risk time and it is strongly recommended that you insure all goods to be moved or stored. – Do this through your own insurer or ask your Removals consultant to assist you in this regard.

  • Do clear out your home and dispose of any unwanted items – dump / sell or donate unwanted items – there are many welfare organisations that will gladly accept donated items.

  • 5 Days to go — double check the following ** That your move dates are booked ** That you have signed and submitted your acceptance forms. Be comfortable that you have insured your goods during transit. If you are attending to your own packing you need to be well on your way to having packed everything.

  • 3 Days to go ! Advise your mover what Items still need to be packed – Most reputable removal companies are easily able to assist you with packing of smalls / breakables / glass tops / TV sets and fragiles like pictures and lamps.

  • Pets / Cars  — Make sure that these are moved and out of the way on move days – animals are especially at risk of being traumatised and they need to be safely kenneled or out of the way.

  • Keys / Cell phones / Plane tickets / Firearms / Wallets / Valuables and travel bags / Goods not to be moved  – Make sure that these are kept safe and are not left lying around – It is a good Idea to designate a room and to keep these items separate and safely locked up.

  • Move day – do take the removal foreman on a tour of the home and make sure he knows what items need to be moved – please do point out any items that you want the movers to pack for you.

  • Make sure that you have paid for your removal or ensure that you have internet access to make a transaction.

  • Make sure that all goods that need to be moved are taken – take a tour of the home and property to ensure that everything is taken.

  • Do keep a kettle some coffee/ milk and sugar and refreshments available so that you can take a break during the move.

  • It is also a very good idea to have a ” bits box ” keep TV remotes , bed screws and bolts , a few tools , some cleaning materials , Packing tape and a knife and anything else that you may need to retain and use at a moments notice.


HAPPY MOVING – Compliments of Joel Transport