Long Distance Moving

Long distance removals can sometimes be tricky, our customers find themselves moving to different city, which leads to some challenges that are not apparent in local relocations, here are some factors to take into account when planning your relocation to a new city.

Booking is essential, it is advised that you book 3 weeks prior to your required move date.

We offer our clients part/shared load options on long distance removal which allows the cost of running a vehicle between cities to be shared by multiple customers, if required vehicles can also run on a special trip basis,though this is significantly more expensive than the aforementioned shared load option.

Because of the distance involved in this type of relocation it is strongly advised to set up an appointment with one of representatives in order to establish exactly what the volume of your move will be, this will insure that you are charged fairly and according to the space used by your consignment.

With long distance removals your household furniture is exposed to more risk than with a local removal, we strongly advise that our customers make use of our pre-move packing service, where our staff pack up all fragile and breakable items.

It is also advised that clients consider our insurance options when moving.