Domestic Moving

It can often seem like such a hassle to move locally, for some of our clients the distance they need to move can be as little as around the block, or into a different home within the same security estate. Rest assured that regardless of what your requirements are, near or far we have you covered when it comes moving.

Here are a couple of factors that should be taken into account when planning your move:

Peak Periods

It is important to remember that everyone wants to move at the end of the month, because of limited capacity and high demand we have operational peaks from the 25th through to the 5th of each month, it is essential to book well in advance to avoid disappointment during this period.


With modern security estates and Townhouse complexes becoming more and more popular, access restrictions to these units are becoming more apparent, many complexes no longer allow any vehicles with a capacity greater than 4 tons onto their premises. Fortunately Joel Transport is able to offer our customers the added service of shuttle vehicles that resolve the access issues, it is imperative that our booking staff are aware of your access restrictions (be it at loading or unloading) before the move takes place in order to insure that we will be able to assist you with this service!


We offer a full range of packing services from the supply of packing cartons right through to the actual packing. All smalls in the home need to be securely boxed / crockery needs to be carefully packed / Fragile items need special packing and care / Television sets need to be wrapped / Crating of pictures and other fine art items — all or only some of there services can be provided.


Insurance can be arranged through our Insurance brokers. While we will always be as careful as possible with your household, accidents do sometimes happen and our best advice to clients is that they insure their effects for all events.


For more comprehensive assistance remember to make use of our Removals Checklist